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Announcement of Worldwide Solicitation of Overall Design Concept Plan for the Construction of the Unicorn Island Project(Please see the attachment at the end of the page for the submission requirements of Application Materials


Being a national-level new area approved by the State Council of People’s Republic of China and strategically positioned as a “most dynamic emerging growth pole in West China and an international modern new city and an inland economic opening-up center suitable for business, commerce and living, Sichuan Tianfu New Area is speeding up its modernized economic system driven by new economy and unicorn cultivation. In order to pool together the global wisdom and build the voice leader, scenario incubator, element magnet and ecological innovative area for unicorn enterprises, Sichuan Tianfu New Area officially kicks off the international Solicitation of the Overall Concept Design Plan of “Unicorn Island”.


This solicitation is open to the world. Outstanding design agencies with relevant global urban planning and architecture design experience are invited to submit application materials.


I. Project Overview


1. Name: General and Conceptual Design for Construction of Unicorn Island Project


2. Location: Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, Sichuan province, China

3、项目规模:本项目规划用地面积:约1006亩(约67.1公顷) ;净用地面积:约560亩(37.3公顷) ;总体规划容积率2.5≤S≤3.0。

3. Scale: planned land area for this project: about 1,006 mu (67.1 hectares); net land area: about 560 mu (37.3 hectares); Plot ratio: 2.5≤General planned plot ratio≤3.0.


4. Project requirements: general design, including functional layout, spatial form, conceptual design of key single buildings, special conceptual design of underground space, and design of transportation, intelligence, green ecology, sustainable design and other subsystems.


5. The selected agency shall modify and complete the selected conceptual design as required by the solicitor, and shall provide general control and consultation services for implementation of the general conceptual design.


II. Solicitor: Chengdu Tianfu New Area Investment Group Co Ltd


III. Qualification requirements for the applicant: the applicant must meet at least one of the following conditions:


1. If the applicant is a domestic agency, it must be an independent legal entity, and have Grade A qualification for urban-rural plan compilation and Grade A or above qualification for construction industry (construction engineering) design;


2. If the applicant is an overseas agency, it must have the legal business and design license in its originate country or region;


3. If the applicant is an agency from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, it must have the legal business and design license in its region; or


4. Joint applicants meeting any two or more conditions mentioned in Items 1-3 will be accepted. 


IV. Time of application and requirements on submission of application materials

1、应征报名时间:2017年12 月 06日9:00时至2017年12 月 26日24:00时(中国北京时间,下同)。申请人须将填写后的报名表、应征资料以 PDF形式 Email或邮寄至征集人,邮寄的资料以送达征集人时间为准。

1. Application time: 9:00 December 6, 2017 to 00:00 December 26, 2017 (Beijing Time, hereinafter). The applicant shall send an email in PDF format or mail the completed registration form and application materials to the solicitor, and the delivery arrival time of the mailed materials shall be deemed as the valid time.



2. Requirements on submission of application materials: for details, refer to /zhaobiao/201711/9244.html


V. Instructions of solicitation


1. The solicitor will determine the finalists according to the qualification or relevant license, performance, description and other materials provided by the applicants.


2. This solicitation sets the quota of 8 finalists, 4 of which are overseas agencies qualifying Item III.2 of the applicant qualification requirements and the rest are qualifying any of Items III.1, 3 and 4.


3. The finalists will conduct general design in accordance with the requirements in the Solicitation Document. After the general design is approved, the solicitor will pay a compensation fee to the design agencies not selected and will entrust the final winner to proceed with subsequent work with corresponding payments.


4. Right of interpretation: the solicitor has the right of final interpretation of this solicitation.


VI. Media to release the Solicitation Announcement



This announcement will be concurrently released on People’s Daily, China Daily (Flagship Edition, US Edition), Ta kung pao, Wen wei po, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily,China Procurement and Bidding Website (www.chinabidding.com.cn), the official website of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu (www.cdtf.gov.cn) and the official website of Chengdu Tianfu New Area Investment Group Co Ltd.


VII. Solicitor and contact information


Chengdu Tianfu New Area Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Mailing Address: Room No.403 , /Floor No. 1-3, Section B, Jingrong Center, Xinglong Town, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China


Email Address: ttdczb@foxmail.com

联系人:杨小姐(英文)   黎小姐(中文)

Contact: Miss Yang(English)  Miss Li(Chinese)

联系方式:+86-028-80256568    +86-028-83350231

Phone No.: +86-028-80256568    +86-028-83350231


Website: /

独角兽岛项目建设总体设计概念方案应征资料提交要求Requirements on submission of application materials.doc



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